MindTrek: Convo Hoarder

For the introvert like me, it’s not hard to communicate with others. Heck, I enjoy a good tongue wagging , especially about literature. What’s challenging is working up the enthusiasm to export my thoughts and share them when I’m enjoying them so much. Think thought hoarder, not wallflower. I’ve been taking a lot of time to myself as of late, and it’s been an exhilarating experience. But like any experiment, my deliberate alone time has got to be tested out. See, usually I’m a crowded loner. Yup. I rarely turn down invitations and I can often be found perched up in the most unassuming spot at a party with a book. It’s not that I’m not enjoying myself at the festivities, but isn’t the whole purpose of socializing to share yourself with others? I’m a multi-tasker at heart. My life demands it, naturally. I read to enrich my experiences. if I’m comfortable enough in an environment to crack open a book, chances are, I’m having a great time. But what I’ve learned is that I’ve got to adjust some of the behavior I exhibit alone to contribute to the collective energy that circulates at a social gathering. Whether I’m intentionally creating a barrier with my book or not is unclear to the average party-goer. I get it. I’ve realized that that could be off-putting. Likewise, I’ve realized that to the rare soul intrigued by a challenge, the book nestled in my palms that’s most likely commanding the majority of my attention is nothing more than a leap to be made to get to the prize; my conversation. Contrary to what most people have purported as anti-social behavior, book-reading at a party is unique in that it invites others to ask about the material being read. Whereas, those social “butterflies” glued to their smartphones or tablets don’t afford their peers the benefit of at least knowing what they’re “reading”, or, more appropriately, scrolling through. Try as I may not to sound coy, but it works like this, Put your phones away, stop documenting every moment at the party, and I’ll set my book down. Some places are just starting to feel like a press conference of personalities…

But I digress. I’m all for change. Even small ones. I’m a harmony-loving fool with a long-stretch of temperament. I won’t promise to leave my books home, because when I have I’ve regretted it, but I will at least wait an hour before cracking open my latest companion.


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