MindTrek: Mission: Inspiration

“The process of writing can be magical… Mostly it’s a process of putting one word after another.”
-Neil Gaiman

Writer’s block isn’t a plague. I’d consider it a sign more than anything else. Sure, it’s daunting and overwhelming if you know you should be writing and can’t get past the first leap. November is National Novel Writing Month and I swear I’ve begun cataloging the years I have started and never finished. I started archiving drafts of work that, each year, has changed. I’ve quit skulking about it and embraced the fact that writing doesn’t always mean publishing, at least not right away. So this month, I’ll post excerpts from each chapter of my novella through December. Yeah, I know, it’s National Novel Writing Month. You’ve got to start somewhere.

That’s what brings me to writer’s block. Starting somewhere. It’s the biggest leap of faith there is. Whether you’re developing a plot to a fiction piece, starting a new business venture, or forging a new relationship, you’ve got to start somewhere. Right now That’s the nature of a leap, it’s all about timing. If you tiptoe to the launch, how will you sustain the jump? How will you make it home if you’re too afraid to get lost? Driving in circles, looking for the perfect sign to follow.

And lost I’ve been getting…

Put. One. Word. After. Another.

Simple as that…

Put. One. Foot. After. Another.

It’s all about moving forward. One way or another.



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