MindTrek: Every Soul Speaks

I’ve been riding a whirlwind of inspiration lately. And while I’m grateful to have defeated writer’s block, I’m apprehensive in forging forward, possibly penning a generic plot.

I know, it happens to all of us.

This novel I’m writing, Flying South, means so much to me. It’s a testament to my growth as a writer; I’m no longer as intimidated as I was before to let the story speak to me. Thus, it’s as far as I’ve gotten composing a world and representing it through written language; four chapters complete since the third of this month. When a spirit takes off, it takes off. I’d say I’m out of my mind, but that’s only partly true. The story was born out of thoughts in my mind, but has evolved into its own benefactor, autonomous in every right, something I respect and observe.

It’s fascinating and slightly frightening, all the same. I’d equate it to raising children; you devote the majority of your being to nurturing the mind, body and spirit of this “new” life that you’ve been placed in charge of. As you do so, you watch the life blossom and flourish with less aid as time moves forward. Success lies between the two forces that define the life dubbed “parenthood”. But there’s one consideration you are aware of, and while in the depths of doing you don’t place it at the forefront of your conscious; external forces.

While they’re given some consideration, the power that comes with acknowledgment is reserved for the ultimate investment; a fulfilled, self-sufficient being.

I am the proud Mama of three bright souls. I say all of this to say the fear that arises whilst one is creating something is natural and should be embraced to a certain extent. But, it never should dictate the components of a self-sufficient being. Fear is an emotion, not a foundation. It wavers in the light of knowledge and experience and is ever-changing and shouldn’t be placed as a pillar to stand on. I say this, speaking to myself first.

As you navigate character and plot development it’s important to let the story live and die in its own right, in its own time, independent of external forces.
More precisely, if you want to know what happens next, go for a walk, drive, hell, hike. Just listen to it and nothing else. Forget how it may be received, how likely it is to happen in “real” life (what is that anyway?), just listen. Every soul speaks. Your story has a soul.


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