MindTrek:More Reflections on Craft

Sometimes I play around with inspiration if I’m not completely confident that I’ve exhausted an idea/concept to its fullest potential in my mind…

If that makes sense…

Like right now, for instance. I’m in the midst of writing the fifth chapter for Flying South and instead of moving forward, my mind halts and says,

“Just write a poem”.

And while I worry that I’m odd, unable to follow through on an idea, I remind myself that writing is a process and I’ve got to appreciate each step. The victory of exploring an idea and executing it exactly as one has, or better yet, more fantastically than one could have imagined, is unexplainable. And to achieve something so unexplainable, it’s almost impossible to appreciate such an uncelebrated luxury as self-discovery without trial, trial, trial, then error. The exploration of self is the foundation of writing effectively. This idea, this world, you’re creating has arrested your spirit so, you have no choice but to translate it, essentially releasing it, as it expands in your mind. Thus, the nature of my decision to pen Flying South. There are a lot  of voices that must be heard in this story and it is relatively impossible to fully represent each one without exploring their lives. How is it to die in a third-world country while your children watch? What’s it like to be deported? Elected to senate? Skydive (involuntarily)? All of these thoughts I explore when a voice in the story comes to me. And when you decide to start listening, it gets louder and louder. I balance out my life by treating “my” story like a person, a companion. I make time for it. I listen to it. I’ll walk with it, go on a drive, all while listening to “my” story. Since I’ve been applying it to my life that way, each time I revisit it, however frequent, I am presented with a newly enriched course of action. The plot is no longer a plot as it is a relation. Getting to know the story means feeling it, absorbing it and eventually holding it. Holding it in the light of your life and seeing where the two blend and disperse.

Once you’ve placed your mind in someone else’s experience(s), you create an experience of your own. You’ve created a reality, a world of actions, reactions, emotions, intentions and expectations.


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