mindTrek: Babying an Idea

Executing an idea… Easier said than done. Especially when you’ve been in the forest of your thoughts trying to see past the trees of time,  space and relation- all you’re expected to do and all you should expect. You’re running through your mind and, losing wind, you decide to rest. Then comes this little squirt, a ball of light that pulls you to your feet. And you’re back, running through the forest, this time with a more vivid sense of direction. You’re lost no more and it feels like… Well, what does it feel like?

Falling in love with,

Conquering the fear of,


So you get caught up in the feeling of running into an idea instead of running with it. And the euphoria is captivating and all you want to do is


Pick up the nearest fallen branch and execute that idea! Stop babying it!


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