mindTrek: Choosing You

So it’s been a few days since I decided to deliberately refrain from posting until I managed one more chapter to submit to nanowrimo.org. Well, if you’re a high-roller, chances are you bet the obvious, I haven’t gotten any writing done.

I feel like an idiot.

*That felt good*.

Now, with that out of the way, I’ll explain why it’s so imperative for me to share this little op with you.

Until today, I’ve been wandering in the plateau of my imagination, having ascended into the peaks, I slid down to the flat surface of all of my dreams and thoughts, past and present. Fearing I’d shared too much too soon in the novel I’m writing, I was in search of a neutralizer. While I like page-turning suspense and action-packed plots, that is not what this body of work is about. That, if nothing else, I’m sure of. So I had to step away for a few days and gather my thoughts, toss them out and exercise patience.

It will come. In due time.

But with three attempts at completing NaNoWriMo and a record completion (just three chapters left), due time just didn’t seem like enough. So welcome Prioritizing

How much time do I have?

12 hours per day, ten days until deadline, amounting to one hundred-twenty hours to complete three chapters.

How much time do I use to write?

8 Hours

How much time do I really use to write?

3 Hours


Non-craft related activities

Such as?

(Outside of familial obligations) Giving advice, comforting others, honoring invitations, taking cheat naps, surfing the net; generally not resisting distractions.

What do you need to do?

Start resisting distractions


Keep writing



And that is the conversation I had with Priority.






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