mindTrek: The Sheer Joy and Terror in Reading Your Stuff Aloud

So with less than seventy-two hours before Nanowrimo is a wrap, I decided to reread what I’ve written so far in the hopes of propelling the story forward. It actually worked! There’s an advantage to getting outside of your head and playing with the airwaves that surround you.

Bouncing ideas and words off of yourself.

What greater gift exists?

Meeting a deadline with no sweat…

 I haven’t mastered that yet.

And that’s something I learned to embrace a while ago.

Two months ago, to be exact.

The upper hand I possess is the one that writes best under stress.

The pressure-cooker mind,

subtle start,

fiery peak,

slow simmer,

powerful flavor. 

Fulfilling a dream

Creating a monster

Haunting my brain

Nourishing my spirit

Fear and Passion

Resting on my shoulders

Forging forward,

The wind is my blinder

Leaving my print

Blazing the trail

With seventy-two hours…





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