KamTrek: Rebirth


I know I’m late, but back in December I went to Free Port, Nassau and a few other islands in the Bahamas. It was there that the notion of exploring the world was reborn. As I stood with my feet buried in the sand, staring at the clouds and hearing nothing but the ocean, I felt the presence of my dreams surrounding me. I surrendered to the passion that burned my core and vowed then to make my life’s work about exploring and sharing the beauties of the world. My new-found desire to pursue this passion came after years of coping with a tragic experience I am still battling to overcome. Or at least, accept. That’s for another post. Like many others who endure tragic events and fight to make a life beyond them, I tried pushing the pain of it away and well, I was unsuccessful. I didn’t realize that until I got to the ocean. Part of me felt defeated, blindly prideful, stupid, gullible, crazy, and RELIEVED. I reveled in the irony of being surrounded by the beauty, undisturbed elegance and grace of nature, while facing the not-so-beautiful truth about myself I had come to accept. Pain hadn’t made me worse off, not accepting and dealing with it was what led me to the state of mind I had come to bear.

Watching the tides come in and wash the sand from my feet, I understood the infinite power in gradual progress. Once buried in sand, unrecognizable, my feet emerged eventually clear of any grain after four waves of water washed over them. I walked away from the shore with a new understanding and appreciation for the Earth. I would learn myself through Her. With all of my imperfections and feelings of defeat, the Earth would be my teacher, my companion, my guide and the window to the soul of life.

That is the day Kamtrek was born.


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