What’ll I leave? What’ll I take?

This Friday morning I’m sitting in reflection, contemplating the meaning of all I’ve encountered this week, directly and indirectly, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the time of situating and settling, not resigning, but shifting and balancing. 

Taking all you’ve encountered and deciding what stays and what goes into the next season; Fall. What’ll you keep grounded and what’ll you harvest that you’ve planted in your life’s soil? 

Chaos erupts at the beginning and end of Summer. It’s a fiery season full of adventure and experience. You’ve drudged through Winter daydreaming about warm sand, blazing hot Suns, trips to new places and meeting happy, friendly travelers like yourself. 

Spring is a warm-up, full of promise, hope, reward and new life. Spring, the beginning of the beginning. How could you not love Spring? It’s the saint of all the seasons. It starts and ends without much circumstance and doesn’t command much of your senses unless you’re one of the unfortunate souls who suffers from seasonal allergies. Spring is a mild season, here and gone before you know it.

Summer’s grand entrance, usually consisting of a dramatic thunderstorm and a tornado warning or two, is one not to be missed. 

You’ll know Summer’s arrived whether you’re in town or not. There’s usually a severe weather advisory around mid-to-late June and after the scare, flights and travel pick up with the burning wind of the hottest time of the year. 


So what about Summer’s dramatic closing? Hurricanes, last-minute, once-in-a-lifetime trips, departing from the comfort zone of adventure and leisure, reeling it all in for Fall. 

Fall, the What have you come away with? season. All things slow down in Fall. Your mind will determine what kind of Fall it will be. Are your crops maturing or are you harboring spoiled fruit? 

Then there’s composting. That garbage you’ve accumulated through travel and adventure can be put to use as well. You’ve got to balance the soil of your life! 

I am looking forward to crisp, laid back Fall. It’s been a busy, charged Summer and I’m ready for things to slow down a bit. 

Think of what the Summer has been for you, good or “bad”. What would you take from it and what would you leave behind? 


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