Last night, I brought my soul out of its hiding place… 

I’m a lover.

That’s my calling.

Whomever and whatever I love will know it.

That’s my mark.

Whomever but me.

Until a little while ago.

I had to make more room in my heart so I decided to do some breathing exercises.

Literally opened my heart up.

We need more love in the world. Love expands when it’s nurtured. Love expands when it’s not. The beauty is that Love expands whoever nurtures it and preserves the hearts of whoever doesn’t.

Love loves Love.

We should take notes.

I have.

I still am.

You expand and elevate the ones who nurture you when you are a Lover.

When you harvest love from within, it is infinite and self-sufficient. Your soul is free to roam with Love there to guide its steps. It is free because Love is the strongest force there is.

I’ve only learned this through trial and error and that it’s imperative to celebrate along the way.  Somewhere during that celebration, my soul has surfaced.

You look like you have good news to tell me!

You’re glowing!

What’s going on with you?! 

Life is to be celebrated. Before you’re a person, you’re a human. And before that, you have a soul. The rest is temporal and conditional.
Before there’s a world, there’s the planet we live upon, Earth. And before that, there’s the universe. But before all that, there’s your perception of those things. Before that there’s a creator of that perception.

What’s that flicker of light that sits at the core of your being? The one that when it leaves your body, unfolds into seas of light and energy? The one that stares back at you in the mirror, governor of that unique stare you recognize that catches you off-guard everytime?

Selfies won’t ever be able to capture this gem because the soul is live and doesn’t conform to time or space.

Your soul speaks through your gut.

Yeah-the one that we’re told should be small, hidden, contained.

That gut that’s too pronounced, out of place in a world of girdles, shape-fitters and liposuction. Tools of manufacturing the suppression of the intuition, the soul.

Damn, what’s up with my soul?

You’re giving her the silent treatment so you can feel better, that’s what’s up.

We were all created out of Love, the original heroine.

Love, the most powerful force in the world, knows how to love Love. There’s no denying the power Love has in the world. There’s no denying the power you have in Love if you listen to her. Love is as powerful as she is because she loves herself.

Your soul knows this and is screaming at you to listen. There is no shine without first hearing the rain pour upon the Earth.

Listening is imperative and Love is a master teacher with an undeniable track record. Can’t really lose, here.

Even more genius, the lessons are tailored to each student.

Set your soul free, dammit.

I’m bringing my soul out of its hiding place. And letting Love guide me.


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