Ritual . . .

My high is coming down. The rattle of my bracelets is all that I can manage to process as I stroke my conscious. The rest of Me is lying,  dormant, in the background, resigned to total oblivion. This is my prayer. Surrendering to the waves of the Qadr (the will of The Creator). 

Charcoal black fingers run through my mind. 

The hands of infinity. 

I submit. 



That sweet rapture and ride of nostalgia that captivates the heart and releases the mind. 

It’s not for nothing.

It’s as pure and simple as you want it to be. 

It’s reliable. 

It’s courageous. 

Ritual gives life to stability, dependability, balance and accountability.

Get lost in yourself, your dreams will follow you and you’ll never be lonely. 

Being alone.


It’s what you want it to be. 

The power lies in the choice.

It’s yours to make and to change. 

It’s what changed you. 


Waking up to a world full of expectations, you are free from the clutter of demand and trend. 

The hands of Time, coated in expectations, push you in a new direction and you are free to get lost in yourself, with your dreams in tow.



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