Release Your Greatness, Thank You.

Seven years ago, on October 6, 2008, I came home to discover my mother laying lifeless in her bed. It’s odd that I feel it makes sense that it happened in October. It’s always been a telling month for me and for that, it is holy.

The month of revelation.

And a supreme incentive for reflection…

Even the air is stirring and settling the elements of life, like leaves dancing about the pavement.

My mind is stirring as I watch the leaves rise and fall in the waves of wind. 

I’m here. 

I embrace that I am here because You are here. 

I am here because she is here.

I am here because she was here.

Thank tou for all that you have brought me and protected me from.

I’m just getting to understand you as I understand myself. 

The greatest gift you have given me is the presence of mind and spirit to seek you in the first place.

The gift of knowing.

Always in sync with your mind, even when it wanders. 

I hope to make you proud and content in knowing I came after you.

I hold you in my heart, even when it hurts. 

Thank you for living.

Thank you for fighting to live.

And Love

And loving hard and real easy 

Thank you for passin’ off the little bits of love you had left to my mama’s, mama’s, mama’s, mama and me. 

We release our greatness when we can’t deny the ones who gave us that greatness. 


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