I honor the breath in my body

Invite in


I honor my mind, body and spirit


A unit

And the



Within it.


She deserves the world,

better yet,





I will not be consumed by

my disappointments

I will reinvent myself

As many times

As I see fit

One Day

At a Time


Thoughts travel faster than

the speed of light

I send what sits in my heart


To guide the steps ahead.

True Love

By design.

Think good thoughts 

Think good thoughts

Think good thoughts

Good Thoughts


Affirmation .be

When I allow myself to be free,

my dreams, and the best of all,

for all,

can live.

When I am free,

my dreams, and the best of all,

for all,

can live.

When I am free,

my dreams, and the best of all,

for all,


And it is in this


that I


who I am

whom I love

and to truly


Kamilian @ Kaffa Crossing


This is the beginning of my heart’s memory.

I’ve done what I was charged to do with it and giving it to the world.

This is my thesis, my “why”.

It’s through the love I’ve found and was blessed to know and give that I gathered the vision to trust my heart and share.

The Beginning is the first of a series of issues dedicated to real life events I’ve experienced over the 30 years I’ve roamed this planet.

In this issue we explore what’s happened to and around me.

The first step in healing is seeing.

What’s at your core that tempts you to leave yourself? What’s there that holds you still?

______ now, I am

I’m not dead 

Fear is paralyzing; the ultimate distraction
That no one has ever, ever been able to afford.
In the arena of my mind, I set fire to the stage and watch Love and

Fear duke it out to be the last one standing on the ashes.

Focus is my Victory.
I can truly hear myself
Trampling between pride and hunger, I see the pattern

Soul is who aches when I cry and who rejoices at the tears.
The stream is the aftermath.
What’s screaming but Fear shrinking in sight of Heart?
A single vessel, for the moment, her 1000th time saving the world, today.
Sound waves bare witness to your Exodus, forever echoed throughout the Ether.
I’ve given up to be the ashes, the sand in the arena of Love.

Carried away in the wind of my thoughts, I fall, hard, to the floor
Here. Again.
Buried a mile under the sea of ashes with Fear grabbing for my ankles.
Just one pinch
Focus is my Victory,

I can truly hear myself
Bouncing between Hunger and Heart
I see the pattern
Silence is my solace

“Unknown”, now, “I am”

I am immortal 

…Much is Tested

The scales you polish so much

Have failed you

Consumed by the beauty of the balance

Shifting your weight to keep up

With the glimmer

Dare to scuff

The scale

Wasn’t made to carry you

Shape your soles to bear your heart.

Feet stumble in passion.

She who carries Heart walks with Grace.